Protocol for the support of adults who have suffered violence

The objective of the protocol is not to treat people who are currently experiencing violence (in this case, social services and the police should be contacted) but rather people who are suffering the consequences of a history of violence suffered in the past. This protocol is not defined for a specific type of center or service, but is intended to be useful in a wide range of institutions dealing with adult education and care.
Centers that can benefit from this document include: adult education institutions, formal and informal, disability centres, refugee and homeless centres, mental health services, etc. Professionals and managers within these institutions must comprehensively find a method to detect and manage the problems arising from users with a history of violence. This document cannot replace medical care, but it can help diagnose and refer treatment to professionals and specialized institutions. It also aims to help define structures and schemes for these institutions in order to provide the necessary care to these users or students. The absence of it can inflict human suffering on the person who suffered the violence and can limit the personal and academic achievements that this person could potentially reach.