Most of the persons who suffered domestic violence in their childhood or were grown in a violent family and social environment face today a wide range of psychological and post-traumatic disorders, living in conditions of isolation and segregation. Physical violence, verbal insults and moral duress hit the victims emotionally, psychologically and physically. In the long run, this condition has harmed also the victims’ learning process in many ways, leading them to lose interest in education, school dropping out and lack of any motivation in learning and skilling up themselves to lead an active lifestyle, improve their psychological wellbeing and exit their condition of isolation and social exclusion.

Within this context, today’s adult teachers, social educators and other carers supporting adults victims of violence need to improve their competences in motivating adult persons victims of violence in approaching new learning and occupational activities aimed at revamping their literacy, numeracy, manual and digital skills, and, ultimately, at overstepping the trauma, pain and suffering caused by violence experienced in their life.

VICTORIA project is designed to train and enrich the competences of adult educators, teachers and social carers in acquiring effective methodologies and teaching skills targeted to the psychological and personal needs of adults victims of violence.

The VICTORIA consortium is made up of 6 partners from 4 EU Member States and is coordinated by Fundación Juan Ciudad (SPAIN). Partners are educational and care organizations supporting different vulnerable groups of adult persons who were victims of violence: persons with disabilities or with challenging behavior, mental health patients, migrants and refugees. Hospitality Europe (BELGIUM) will advise on management rules, compliance with the grant agreement and secure European visibility and dissemination of project’s activities and results, liaising with the EU Institutions and stakeholders in Brussels.

The project will benefit 2 target groups: direct beneficiaries are adult teachers and educational staff supporting persons victims of violence, meanwhile indirect beneficiaries are the adult persons who suffered violence in their past and face today a condition of lower education, segregation and social exclusion. At least 40 adult teachers and social educators plus dozens of additional participants (administrators, staff, etc.) at consortium level will be involved in the strategic partnership, in order to deliver:

– a Protocol for educational and care organizations setting harmonized standards for the psychological and educational support of adult persons victims of violence;

– a Training Course to improve the competencies of educators, teachers and social carers of adult learners victims of violence;

– one Handbook of good practices for adult teachers and educational staff supporting adult victims of violence;

– EU guidelines to supervise the learning progress and social reinsertion of adult persons who suffered violence

Project’s beneficiaries will increase their understanding of the psychological and educational needs of adults who suffered violence in their past and drooped out schools and education because of trauma and suffering. The enhancement of their competencies and teaching skills will benefit also their adult students and persons attending their educational and care organizations. On the other hand, revamping the learning and occupational skills of these adult learners will benefit them not only at the didactical level, but also their physical and psychological health status as well as social reinsertion.

Comprehensively, the project will produce 4 intellectual outputs, 5 transnational project meetings and 3 national multiplier events. Additionally, the VICTORIA Training Course will be tested in a pilot coaching session to be conducted at the local level. One blended mobility of adult educators will be also organized, giving the opportunity to teachers and care staff to travel, meet and exchange their competences and experience acquired at the national level, strengthening the European project’s network.

In doing so, VICTORIA project will integrate an innovative and effective pedagogical approach at the benefit of the educational and personal needs of adult learners victims of violence. Recovering the full value of adult persons through an appropriate stimulation of educational processes and outcomes, the project will definitely contribute to overstep and win the negative traits of violence and pain.